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In Caper: Europe, turns follow a simple structure. On your turn, you will take pick a card from your hand and play it on your side of the board. Your opponent will do the same. Then swap hands. Follow this pattern until you only have one card left in hand, which you will discard. This happens over six rounds for two types of cards: Thieves and Gear.

You will also need to keep their eyes on the loot. Each location rewards points for the Mastermind (that's you!) who controls it at game end. Controlling locations require Capers. Each time you gain a Caper, move the location's Thiefle one space toward yourself on the Caper track. If the Thiefle is closer to you than your opponent at the end of the game, you win the location and gain it's benefits. 

An experienced Mastermind (that'll be you one day) knows it takes a team to win. Each of the target locations has room for three Thieves and each thief has space for three pieces of Gear. Thieves and Gear work together to provide you points and give you control of locations. And despite common misconception, the Thieves of your crew are not selfish! Every gear card at a location counts toward all Thief abilities at that location. Strive to assemble crews whose abilities complement one another and assigns gear that provides bonuses to multiple thieves.

Caper: Europe include everything you need to plan heists across four major European cities. Each city sets the stage for a unique heist experience each time you sit down at the table.

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